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The Kintyre Seasports Project

In 2016 a community study showed major potential to develop watersports, create life chances and attract tourism to Kintyre, an area with outstanding natural resources and pockets of deprivation.

The Kintyre Seasports SCIO (“KSS”) was formed in 2017 to realise that potential.  We connect education providers, community groups and watersports clubs to break barriers and provide health, well-being and economic benefits for all.  The SCIO – Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation -structure fosters inclusion of, and governance by, corporate members.  In our case four watersports clubs and six community groups have linked to form a single organisation with real purpose.

It works.  Since 2017 we have broken a lot of ground:

  • In 2018 60 local volunteers organised our first Community Regatta. The second, pre-pandemic 2019 event attracted over 400 people, with 40% visitors and 200 “wetsuit” participants.

  • Local participation in sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and diving doubled from 2017 through 2020, and is on the rise.

  • More than 20 local volunteers are qualified as coaches and safety boat drivers via the relevant national sports governing bodies, supporting safe and sustainable growth.

  • We have instigated two Changing Lives programmes, Try Dive and Sailing Instructor training, to improve the education and employability of disadvantaged young people.

  • In 2022 we introduced over 30 young people to sailing and 14 adults, through a structured Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing programme, to paddle sports.

This exceptional track record was achieved by unpaid volunteers using outdated and inadequate facilities.  In 2022 we passed three crucial milestones:


  1. Management. We employed a full time manager/chief instructor to consolidate progress and develop new initiatives, including a mental health and well-being programme for adults.

  2. Planning permission has been secured for the new facilities in this presentation.

  3. We achieved RYA Recognised Training Centre status, enabling us to qualify trainees to internationally respected standards and attract tourism.

In December 2021 we submitted a conceptual design for planning permission, which was approved in August 2022. It can accommodate 500 active watersports members (200 from outside Kintyre), act as a community hub and, according to British Marine Scotland, attract 700 additional visitors per annum.  It will also allow us to scale up Changing Lives programmes, well beyond our current capacity of 50 young people per annum.  Fulfilment will deliver generational social and economic benefits.


Our appreciation is due to our volunteers, funders, Argyll and Bute Council, Campbeltown Sailing Club, Dalintober Beach Group, all of our partners, RYA Scotland, John Renshaw Architects and Blue Sea Consulting for getting to this point.  If you think you can help in any way do not hesitate to get in touch.  

Campbell Fox, Chair

Kintyre Seasports

SCIO SC047447

Our vision & Mission


  • Grow a sustainable community enterprise to generate life chances, promote health and well-being and attract adventure tourism to South Kintyre.



  • Develop marine sports to provide enjoyment and participation opportunities for all in a safe environment. 

  • Give local young people vocational opportunities by training them as instructors to international standards.

  • Fund, build and operate a new community facility on the shores of Campbeltown Loch.  

  • Attract visitors and events to maximise income and enhance tourism.

  • Sustain financial viability through best-practice management discipline.

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