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Access Diving Programme


Campbeltown Dive Club hosted its first Access Dive Programme.  The programme was organised through Live Argyll in association with Kintyre Youth Café, the aim was to offer an opportunity to vulnerable young people in rural communities, particularly young carers, people at risk of ‘negative destination’ and from areas of high poverty with lower life opportunities. 

For 8 people 'Try Dive' sessions were given, 2 groups of 4 participants over a 12 week period, were given the chance to experience SCUBA equipment for the first time.  This gave them an introduction to the sport and all its physical and mental benefits.  Try Dives are a great way to introduce the experience of the underwater world to a complete beginner.  A typical Try Dive involves poolside tuition on diving techniques and equipment, followed by a scuba dive in the safety of a swimming pool with a British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) qualified instructor to make sure the maximum enjoyment is achieved.  It has been found that scuba diving can have a tremendous impact on boosting self-esteem and reducing stress and tension.

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BSAC is world-renowned organisation, they build in safety skills and training from the start. Scuba diving's good safety record is justified by good training, sound equipment and safe practices.  Having these attributes built into the Access Diving Programme allows the participants the confidence to explore scuba diving.  Learning the skills required is a great way to take people out of their comfort zone and try something new, as well as connecting themselves with their mind and body. As their physiological presence is so key to understanding scuba diving, they connect more with how their body functions and reacts while learning. This can be very centring and grounding.

This programme was made possible by the generosity of Campbeltown Dive Club who donated their time, equipment and funds to the participants.  Live Argyll are appreciated for the funds they provided in the financing of pool hire. 

Since I joined my panic attacks have decreased, my mental health is a lot better and

overall I’m a lot happier.

Shannon, BSAC Campbeltown

Dive programme student.

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