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Community Regatta


In 2018 60 local volunteers organised our first Community Regatta.  The pre-pandemic 2019 event attracted over 400 people, with 40% visitors and 200 “wetsuit” participants.  This free event is available to anyone wishing to participate, this inclusive ethos breaks barriers and allows easy access to equipment and experienced instructors for all.

''We have over 1000 followers, all of us backing Seasports. Our involvement started with the Dalintober Dip, which grew and grew. Soon we were working with the sailing club and other volunteers groups to organise the Community Regatta, a great example of what can be done when barriers are broken. There is a lot more to come. Seasports will deliver for us, for our kids and their kids in ways nobody imagined five years ago.''

Jamie Maclean, Chair, Dalintober Beach Group

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Marine sports and activities have been recognised as important contributors to physical and mental wellbeing. Consequently, promotion of community led projects such as Seasports contributes not only to the public’s physical and mental health, but also fulfils many nationally led strategies.

Mary Tetley, CEO, British Sub-Aqua Club

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