Kintyre Seasports Booking Conditions

Version 1, 26/5/2022

As you will probably appreciate, it can take a lot of planning for us to put on courses which can require multiple instructors, safety boats and equipment. To ensure that we can provide the best possible experience it is necessary that we apply some conditions to all our bookings. The following is a list of those conditions for booking and/or taking part in a course or activity at Kintyre Seasports (KSS). If you have any questions regarding these or any other aspect of the course or booking, email By booking a course at KSS you confirm that you understand and agree to these conditions.


  • You will receive an automatic confirmation of the receipt of your booking, in the form of an email which will also show your responses given in the booking form for you to check. If you do not receive this please contact us using the email address above.

  • If you have any concerns about the booking, please contact us using the email address above. If there are any issues with the booking KSS will contact you by email as soon as possible after your booking.

  • You will receive an email containing joining instructions, generally between 2 weeks and a month before the course begins. This will cover what you need to bring, confirmation of start and finish times, and any other relevant information for the specific course.

  • General information regarding each course or activity at KSS is available on the KSS website ( If you have any questions that are not covered there, again please email us using the email address above.



  • You can pay by Bank Transfer (preferred) or by cheque. Payment details are included on the booking form and again in the confirmation email you will receive. Online credit/debit card payments will be added to the system in future, but are not currently possible.

  • Please indicate how you will pay on the booking form.

  • Please make the payment (or post the cheque) within a week of completing the booking form. If no payment has been received and we are unable to make contact with you using the contact details provided in the booking form, we will have to cancel your place on the course.


Consent Forms and Medical Information

  • All answers on the booking form must be correct to the best of your knowledge, and you must contact us if you find a mistake or any details change at any time between the booking being made and the end of the course.

  • An emergency contact who will be available for contact during the course, and able to come to the sailing club if necessary, must be nominated in the booking form.

  • The responsible instructor may need to have a confidential discussion about any medical conditions with the participant (or a responsible adult if the participant is under 18) at the beginning of the course to ensure that the instructor is aware and fully understands the condition and how this may affect the participant during the course. Therefore it is important that a parent/guardian comes in with any junior participants at the start of the course.

  • All information will be stored confidentially following the KSS Data Protection Policy. The policy is available at


Participant agreement

  • The participant (and their responsible adult when the participant is under 18) understands the risks inherent in sailing, powerboating, and other activities offered by KSS, and that while KSS has assessed and controlled the risks involved as far as possible, some risk will always remain.

  • The participant agrees that they will behave responsibly and respectfully to others during the course, and will follow all instructions given by instructors or safety boat drivers.

  • If the participant’s behaviour does not meet this standard or the instructor feels that the participant is causing a risk to themselves or others then the instructor may remove the participant from the course, and in the case of participants under the age of 18, request that their emergency contact collects them.


Cancellation of a course

  • KSS reserves the right to cancel any course or booking necessary. This may be due to insufficient participant numbers, unavailability of instructors, breakdown of equipment, errors in the booking process, extreme weather, or any other operational reason.

  • KSS will make reasonable efforts to avoid cancelling any course or booking where there are sufficient participants signed up, and whenever possible cancellations will take place at least two weeks prior to the start of the course.

  • Where possible, KSS will offer an alternative to the cancelled course or booking.

  • If KSS cancels a course then a full refund will be given as soon after cancelation as is possible.

  • If a participant chooses to withdraw from a course at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the course then a full refund will be given.

  • If a participant chooses to withdraw from a course less than four weeks prior to the beginning of the course:

    • a full refund will be offered where their place is rebooked by someone else

    • a 50% refund will be offered where the course is still at or above the minimum number of participants required to run after the withdrawal of the participant.

  • If a participant withdraws from a course after the beginning of the course, or is removed from the course by the instructor as described in the “Participant Agreement” above, no refund will be given.

  • In exceptional circumstances KSS may give a full refund, partial refund or the option to transfer the booking to another course, at the discretion of the Principal of the training centre and the Trustees of KSS. This will depend on the exceptional circumstance and the feasibility of the course running without the participant.


Feedback and Complaints

  • All participants are welcome to provide verbal feedback to the instructor or senior instructor, either during or at the end of the course

  • A suggestions box is available in the classroom, upstairs in the clubhouse

  • All participants will be sent a short and anonymous feedback survey with the option to provide any feedback after the course has concluded

  • If a participant wishes to discuss anything further, or to make a complaint, then they should contact the principal at in the first instance. Feeback or complaints may also be directed to if they wish to contact the board of trustees instead

  • Complaints treated respectfully and confidentially. More details may be sought about the content of the complaint, and lessons that can be learned will be revied and implemented by the principal and/or the board of trustees

  • Should this procedure fail to respond to the complaint in a satisfactory manner, details of how any complaints related to RYA Training can be escalated to the RYA are available at