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Kintyre Needs Seasports

Kintyre Seasports is making waves. In 2019 the Community Regatta attracted more than 400 people, participation in sea sports doubled, the dive club introduced sub-aqua experience for disadvantaged young people and we raised £10,000 to set up long term sailing instructor training for CGS pupils. This year we joined the national Changing Lives programme to achieve the very best outcomes for our community. Now we have a platform for recreation, personal development and new career pathways for all of our young people. The potential is enormous, but we need professional help and 21st century facilities. Soon we will be consulting stakeholders about a new build on the site of Campbeltown sailing club. The goal is to make real social impact and establish Campbeltown as an internationally recognised adventure tourism venue. Ambitious, but entirely feasible. Based on our progress to date RYA Scotland are backing Seasports to the hilt, and early feedback from Sportscotland and other funders is enthusiastic. To get across the line we need to prove the commitment of our community. For now, the best way to do that is for everyone who can to shout out, loud and clear, Kintyre Needs Seasports.

And if you can it would be a big help to mention Seasports in the Community Council’s Action Plan questionnaire, which closes this Friday 21st August.

Thank you for your support.

Campbell Fox


Kintyre Seasports

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