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Sailing Instructor Training Programme

Welcome to the Kintyre Seasports Sailing Instructor Training Programme

Information about the programme for participants in the first cohort (began summer 2022).

Fun filled sailing on Campbeltown Loch

What's on during 2024 for Cohort 1?

After School Sailing Sessions (every Wednesday)

Wednesdays during school term time, starting 24th April. 3:45-6pm

Sailing after school, head straight down to the sailing club and we'll get out on the water. Activities will vary week to week including both sailing and powerboating. If the weather is not suitable to get afloat we'll have an activity onshore instead. As the season progresses you'll also start to get the opportunity to help run activity, including for the later cohorts. 

  • Please complete a 2024 out of school activities consent form by signing up for the after school sessions through the booking system at the bottom of the page before the first session so we have up to date info for you.

  • Extra: Join Campbeltown Sailing Club and stay on after the sessions for more sailing and chances to help run activity.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course

First week of Easter Holidays, see dates below to sign up for a specific set of dates.

Powerboat driving course, 2 days. For full details of the course see the course information page for public courses, but make sure come back to this page to book the free Sailing Instructor Training Programme courses.

  • You will need to sign up specifically for this course as we can have a maximum of 3 participants on each set of dates and so we have the extra details required to register your certificate with the RYA, as this is a certificate which can be used professionally

Advanced Sailing Course

End of study leave

Details are being confirmed with the school based on exam dates, but we plan to offer a few days of more advanced sailing in the period between your last exam and the new timetable.

Assistant Instructor (for those ready)

Dates TBC, likely beginning of summer holidays

The assistant instructor course will be run for those who have completed the prerequisites. We'll schedule this once we have enough people who are ready to do the course, likely to be at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Special events

Dates TBC

Where we can't manage to complete an event during our normal after school activity time, we'll arrange it for another time. We'll make sure to advertise these to everyone who is sign up like the after school sessions, so make sure you're signed up and keep and eye on your emails.

What if I can't make Wednesdays after school?

Sadly we've not been able to find a time that works for everyone so have had to go for the one was likely to work for most people, as there are so many things that happen after school. If you're not going to be able to make it but would still like to be involved and do some of the other things during school time and at other times, please still go and sign up at the link above, but then send an email to so we know that you'll not be able to make it and we can make a plan so that you're still able to do everything else.


Please sign up for the Wednesday after school sessions below. If you have any issues with signing up or have any questions please email

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