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Meet the Team

Our small team of staff members organise our courses and activities and deliver them together with visiting instructors. They also work with a brilliant team of volunteers to run our community programmes.


Jamie Rodgers

Operations and Development Manager

Powerboat & Sailing Chief Instructor

Jamie has worked for Kintyre Seasports since 2022, prior to which he completed a PhD in Arctic Oceanography. He has been an instructor for over 10 years and is happiest when he's afloat, whether in a small dinghy, powerboat or offshore on sailing boats or ships.


Naomi Cameron

Senior Instructor

Senior Sailing Instructor

Naomi started at Kintyre Seasports in 2024. Through sea cadets she started sailing, paddling and rowing at age 10 and became an instructor 5 years ago, hoping to share her passion for being on the water. She loves being in and on the water, sailing and paddling at different locations across the UK.


Heather Smith


Advanced SCUBA Diver & Diving Instructor

Heather has worked for Kintyre Seasports since 2022.  Throughout her life she has been involved with several watersports activities. Her biggest love being SCUBA diving, which she has participated in for over 20 years.  She is most contented when in and on the water.

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